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Seth Burton
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I was born and raised in the small town of Nancy, KY. My family has farmed for generations. Growing up in the country I spent the majority of my time working, instilling important lessons and values in my life that only come with hard work and perseverance. I love going to church, spending time with my friends and family, and going out on the lake. Understanding the importance of knowledge, I allocate a great deal of my time to learning. I enjoy reading financial literacy, studying the fundamentals of business, the stock market, and all investment strategies. Immediately after high school I enrolled at Somerset Community College partaking in the KY FAME program. I started an internship with Camtech Manufacturing Solutions, a custom automation company. For the next few years I developed marketable skills in robotics, PLC programming, and the principles of engineering. Eventually I graduated with a degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and landed my current job as the controls engineer and programmer for Shell Shock Technologies, an Innovative Ammunition Technology company. With the goal of expanding into multiple streams of income, I decided to take on a second career in real estate. I have always been very social and enjoyed interacting with people and getting to learn about them and the stories they have to share. Choosing me as your real estate representative furnishes a promise that you will receive the highest level of dedication and commitment anyone can offer. Together I know we can achieve any goals you might have, whether that is finding your dream home, growing a business, or building your retirement portfolio.